Attendance Policy:

Students are encouraged to attend the full duration of the program. It is imperative that students attend all technique classes, master classes and professional development courses. Lateness is prohibited! Please be mindful of our policy. We take absences very seriously as it effects the program and the development of our students.

Dress Code:

The program requires students to wear specific Navy Leotards (Mondays) and Black Leotards (Tuesdays). Wednesdays & Thursdays allow students to wear a Black Leotard of personal choice. Blendz Speciality Tights are to be worn for all technique classes and rehearsals. (Available for purchase through the school dance store located next to the front lobby.) Males are permitted to wear white Ballet shoes, white socks and a white top for ALL Ballet classes. It is permitted for males and females to wear all-black attire for all other courses.

Students out of dress code will, first, be warned, but if their non-compliance continues, they will be asked to sit and observe. This style of attire helps the instructor to see the dancing body clearly to give individual corrections. Additionally, the idea of implementing discipline in this intensive will promote good work ethic and professionalism needed for other professional environments.

Once class begins, no warm-ups or any type of overlays are permitted on the floor. All tights and Jazz pants should be ankle length.

Socks are not to be worn outside of stretch class and professional development courses.

Footwear is required for certain classes: Ballet shoes for Ballet technique, Sneakers for fitness or Hip-Hop Master Classes. Jazz shoes are optional for Jazz class. Bare feet for all West African and Liturgical dance classes.

Students should bring all footwear to class EVERYDAY!!!

Hair: Females are expected to wear buns for EVERY class. There are NO exceptions!!! All buns must be neat and secure for the duration of the day. Females should bring necessary items and products to secure/fix their buns throughout the dance day. Females will be approached if their appearance does not comply with these regulations.

Males are expected to have neat and presentable haircuts. Males will be approached if their appearance does not comply with these regulations.