NGDC Summer Intensive Training Program

NGDC Summer Intensive Training Program

The Next Generation Dance Conservatory’s Summer Dance Program has been designed to meet the needs of the talented dancer and company members who are considering professional careers in dance. Through a codified dance curriculum, the program also provides a comprehensive curriculum geared towards extensive dance instruction of the highest quality and performative initiatives geared toward the creative process. The program seeks to train serious dancers, companies and competition teams with attention to the whole being. The program has been structured with sole focus on technical proficiency and ideologies as related to performative practices.  

Participants consider their roles as dance artists, choreographers, philosophers, historians and dance anthropologists. Classes and rehearsals have been designed to enhance artistic development, core foundational technique and the creative process for artists seeking to perform company/competition-based works.

Culminating performances include professional works set on the NGDC students by guest artists from the Tri-State area as a means of giving students a personal reference to the creative process amongst dancers currently employed within the dance industry.

Learning Objectives

  • Strengthen the student’s technical abilities and comprehension of terminology and vocabulary
  • To broaden an understanding of other artforms and its importance within training
  • To develop physiological comprehension and movement principles
  • To provide historical knowledge of dance and its derivatives
  • To maintain a high level of discipline and professionalism
  • To initiate peer collaboration and respect for other communities
  • To explore perspectives geared towards work ethic and one’s own responsibility as a pre-professional dance artist

NGDC Private Training / Solo Creation

The Next Generation Dance Conservatory offers private instruction during the Summer Dance Training Program this year. We understand that students desire one-on-one hands-on dance training to help with technical issues. Students meet with a NGDC instructor for 1-hour during the dance day to solely concentrate and focus on problematic areas within their technique.

Additionally, the Next Generation Dance Conservatory understands that many students are required to perform solos at auditions for Performing Arts High Schools, universities, companies and competitions. NGDC offers choreography segments in which an instructor will choreograph and prepare the student for their audition. Please be advised that choreography fees vary depending on the instructor and the length of the work.