MPAC Performance Company (Invitation & Audition Only)


The selection process for MPAC’s performing competition company is very selective. All students are interested in our performing company are required to audition. The process for selection depends upon the complexity of the work, technical proficiency, retention, their conservatory attendance, participation and academic grades. As the conservatory is vital for technical development and advancement, MPAC’S company is a “performance “opportunity for all accepted dancers to showcase their level of artistry, expertise, growth and development. The performance company adds to the general knowledge of the codified dance training within the school.

The purpose of MPAC’s performing competition company is to provide students with an opportunity to develop sportsmanship, character, and competitiveness. Participation on the company, as well as other extracurricular activities, is a privilege, not a right. As a member of MPAC’s company, dancers serve as representatives of the school and its’ curriculum. Company members are required to demonstrate determination, dedication, and a desire to be productive. The company, in itself, provides the following:

  • Educational Opportunity - performance experience and competing amongst some of the top ranked competition teams in the dance industry,
  • Exposure - affords our students exposure to other dance forms and other ways of moving.
  • Pre-professional Opportunity- students who wish to pursue dance professionally have the opportunity to grow and develop their performance skills through competition and dance conventions with some of the industry’s leading instructors.
  • Inclusivity- MPAC selects competitions that are engaging for the both the student and their families. Students learn team-building skills, peer collaboration principles and develop self-confidence attributing that are a necessity as young performers.