Become A Sponsor

Become A Sponsor

MPAC needs your support , when you support us you are funding all of the activities that we offer and assist us in creating a stable base from which we can thrive financially, expand artistically and fulfill our mission. We intend to provide a comprehensive curriculum for exploring dance through both technical foundation and professional development .

Areas to Support

Your contribution will help to support MPAC’s many artistic and educational programs. See the areas of support below to learn more about each fund.

General Operating

When you support our General Operating expenses, you are funding all of the activities of The Movement Perfroming Arts Conservatory ‘s organization. Not only would you be assisting in creating a stable base from which MPAC can thrive financially, but it would also allow us to expand artistically and fulfill our mission – Which is our commitment to making a positive impact and providing a world-class dance experience.

New Work

As MPAC’s performing company embraces innovative and thought-provoking repertory, providing support to ensure positive and expansive works will afford our dancers forward progression and development!


With your help we will be able to provide financial assistance through scholarships for MPAC’s most talented and deserving dancers.

Summer Programs

You can help maintain and expand our innovative summer programs that use dance as a vehicle for developing self-esteem, creativity, and critical thinking skills.