Become a partner

Become A Partner

Our MPAC Partners are very special to us . Each generous donation and continued support helps create uplifting experiences and offer new opportunities to uplift our students. This support also maintains and expands our unique educational programs, ensuring that MPAC continues to inspire young dancers for years to come.

Your contribution to MPAC today will ensure that we can continue to make dance accessible to as wide an audience as possible, providing hope and inspiration to talented dancers across the nation.

Arts In Education And Community Outreach Programs

MPAC’s dynamic enrichment programs are geared towards cultivating the passion for the art of dance through our school and community outreach programs. We hope to inspire our audiences to explore their own creativity and experience through the joy of dance.

Programs have been devised to engage the community in the idea of multiculturalism and the integration of dance perspectives as related to contemporary practices. Our community-based classes have been formatted to afford dancers of a lower socioeconomic status in training that supersedes the average dance program. With a holistic approach, our community engagement involves building partnerships with local institutions and businesses that have a high number of individuals within lower class families. Our teachers offer Master Classes and implement community-based methodologies to suggest diversity and inclusion for all participants.

You can show your support by partnering with us to help keep our programs active.