About Us


Students consider their roles as dance artists, choreographers, philosophers, academics, dance historians and dance anthropologists. Courses have been designed to enhance artistic development and core foundational technique within the daily rigor of codified dance principles. We seek to train serious dancers with attention to the whole being within the art form of dance. MPAC is a non-profit 501c3 corporation that has devised a comprehensive program geared towards professional instruction of the highest caliber and strong academic derivatives. The program has been structured with sole focus on technical proficiency and academic ideologies as related to contemporary dance perspectives and professional development to build the holistic student. Our curriculum formats units that creatively engages the points of intersection between academic subject areas and elements of the artistic discipline of dance. Through the art of dance, MPAC’s model encourages academic engagement by nurturing vital interpersonal skills in every student. The integration of Kinesiology, Geography, Health and Literature within a dance-based curriculum encourages social engagement amongst peer groups, bridges gaps of unfamiliarity within teacher and student relationships and transitions Pennsylvania state standards for dance in ways that allows academic learning to be enjoyable for students in the K-12th school system.

MPAC has also partnered with the Next Generation Dance Conservatory, LLC, a summer dance intensive training program for professional dancers under the direction of Mr. Ali Willingham. Mr. Willingham, a former guest artist of Philadanco and Director of the Contemporary Dance Department of String Theory School. Additionally, through his leadership at String Theory, they have partnered with us in efforts of continuing a comprehensive training program that engages students in professional development courses geared towards Resume’ Building, The Art of Interviewing, Business Plans, Production and Mock Auditions.